CMC was an eLearning Pioneer

eLearning is a cutting-edge technology with a huge future. It involves imparting education and knowledge online; via the internet, through networks or standalone computers, or through a combination of these and other media. Corporates, institutions and other enterprises are moving fast to gain a foothold in this area. eLearning applications and processes include web-based learning, computer-based learning, virtual classrooms and digital collaborations, where content gets delivered through the internet, intranet or extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV and CD-Rom.

CMC was in the forefront of providing solutions in this area with extensive experience in education and training, and ready to partner and develop eLearning solutions for organisations.

Training programmes

  • Entry level / awareness courses: Designed for people who have limited or no background in computers.
  • Professional development courses: In-depth courses which cater to the needs of practising computer professionals and experienced users
  • Specialised / sectoral courses: Designed for participants working in the specialised monitoring and online examination module. These are areas / sectors which intend to use computers for better performance.
  • Customer request courses: Planned in consultation with clients, to suit specific individual organisational needs.
  • Vendor certified courses: Prepare participants to take certification examinations of various major hardware and software organisations in the world.
  • Career development courses: Enable students who are keen to acquire professional expertise in software development, to acquire expertise in parallel with their college education.

Training methodology
All CMC E&T centres are equipped with modern teaching aids and state-of-the-art hardware, including PC projectors, overhead projectors, LCD panels, etc. The training methodology is a judicious mix of instructor-led training, computer-based training, video-based training, case studies, and interactive panel discussions.

To keep pace with the changing software and hardware scenario, we emphasise current IT trends and develop quality programs to impart training and education in contemporary topics. Traditional methods of teaching using books, classroom lectures and written exams on pen and paper for evaluation are now insufficient.

There are now modern technologies like multimedia, online training and testing. We emphasise computer-based training, which uses text, audio, visuals and animation in interactive as well as self-paced modes. In IT, the paradigm is shifting from instructor-based learning to net-based learning.

Multimedia means integration of different media forms like video motion, video stills, audio, text, graphics and animation on a single interactive platform, controlled by the user through a computer. All multimedia functions form an integral part of eLearning.

Centre for Education Technology (CET)

CET, a support group of Education & Training Division, CMC Limited, designs and develops courseware, self-paced learning content and delivery systems that enhance personal skills and business productivity.

Traditional methods of teaching using books, classroom lectures and written exams to evaluate the knowledge gained are not deemed enough anymore. Newer, better and more effective methods of imparting education are coming up. Using modern technologies like multimedia, online-training, testing etc., the emphasis has shifted to computer-based training which uses text, audio, visuals and animation in interactive as well as self-paced mode. Customer satisfaction levels have seen marked improvement with the use of these modern methods of education technology.

Setup in 1999, CET focus has been to enhance the quality, effectiveness, productivity and reach of Education & Training activities of CMC by employing appropriate state-of-the-art IT and education technology tools. The major activities undertaken by CET are:

Strategic Consultancy

  • Discover clients enterprise needs to recommend suitable Learning Solutions and Performance Improvement
  • Reduce overall training costs and increase efficiency levels
  • Customized E-learning Content Development
  • Deploys Instructional design principles and well established development processes
  • Compliance with International Standards such as AICC, SCORM
  • Design and development of courseware for specific technical education programs
  • Design and development of Blended Learning Solutions

In addition to supplementing Education and Training programs of E&T Division, CET has been providing training solutions by producing E-Learning contents in different forms like Computer Based Training (CBT), Multimedia Based Training (MBT), Internet Based Training (IBT) etc. CET has designed & developed E-Learning solutions for CMC Education centers and for the industry ranging from IT to Oil & Petrochemicals Industry.